Russia is the world's biggest country that occupies the east of Europe and the north of Asia.

Russia is a country of rich history and culture. Different religious and cultural traditions of numerous nationalities living there have coexisted from the time immemorial. The population of Russia is about 146,544,710.The architectural ensemble of Moscow Kremlin, palaces of Saint-Petersburg and ancient cities of the Golden Ring are known all over the world.

Moscow, the capital of Russia, is the country’s political, scientific, architectural and business centre. It is one of the most famous cities in the world, the treasury of its cultural and historic values. The ancient and modern exist side by side in this city of 12 million. You will find a historic center here with beautiful palaces, churches, and monuments. Moscow keeps changing, with new buildings and developments completed, and architectural monuments, temples and museums restored.

Moscow is a very green city. More than 40 percent of its territory consists of parks, gardens and forests. 118 specially protected natural territories and 64 monuments of palace and park architecture are located here. Don't miss the opportunity to stroll around picturesque gardens during your Moscow trip.

Moscow is a cultural centre of global value. In the daytime, over 290 museums and exhibition halls are at your disposal. There are more than 70 theatres here; the best known of them is the Bolshoi Theatre. You may also go for a walk in a park or enjoy a river trip.

The unforgettable capital of Russia is awaiting you.

Welcome to Moscow!


Getting to Moscow

All flights to and from Moscow are operated through three airports:
Sheremetyevo (SVO)    http://svo.aero/en/
Vnukovo (VKO)           http://www.vnukovo.ru/en/
Domodedovo (DME)   http://www.domodedovo.ru/images/info/english.htm

There are numerous transportation connections from the airport to Moscow. We recommend to use high-speed trains Aeroexpress. Booking and purchasing at special rates can be made here (https://aeroexpress.ru/en/). Initial price: RUB 470 ($7).

Another type of getting to Moscow is by taxi.
Official Taxis of the airports:
SVO  http://www.transparking.ru/en/  +7 (964) 60%-88-80
DME http://welcometaxi.ru/                +7 (499) 553-00-56
VKO http://vnukovo-taksi.ru/              +7 (499) 322-02-21
The fare from the airports to the venue is from $35.


The weather in Moscow in May is generally fair. The mean temperature average in May in Moscow is + 15°–20°C. With nice weather, May is a good time to visit Moscow.
Check here for the weather forecast http://wmc.meteoinfo.ru/forecasts.

Moscow has a well-organized and reasonably priced taxi service. There are fixed spots in the city where taxis are stationed, or they may be ordered by telephone, which is usually cheaper.

Taxi Moscow International:    http://taxi-moscow.com/              +7 (499) 39-080-39
Taxi Moscow: https://www.taxi-in-moscow.com/en/                  +7 (499) 995-06-54
Lingotaxi: https://lingotaxi.com/moscow-airport-taxi-transfer/   +7 (495) 204-21-34


There is a ring-line (brown) which has crossings with all other radial lines.
Metro entrances are marked with a large red letter "M"
Interactive metro map of Moscow https://metro.yandex.com/moscow?ncrnd=0411943
(calculates your time and route taking into account information about closed stations and entrance halls).
The open hours: from 5.30 a.m. to 1.00 a.m.

Emergency telephone numbers

Please dial 101 for Fire, 102 for Police and 103 for Ambulance


The official language of the Conference is English. Russian is the official language of the Russian Federation.

Currency and banking

The currency in Moscow is the Ruble (RUB). Cash machines/ATMs are accessible 24/7 and can be found all over Moscow.
Credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard are accepted in most of the major hotels, restaurants and shops.


Time Zone in Moscow is Moscow Standard Time (MSK). The link is www.time.is


Electricity in Moscow is supplied through a 220 Volts 50 Hz system. Most of the sockets are standard European-size for double round-pin plugs