APQN Conference

New Horizons:
Dissolving Boundaries
for a Quality Region

26-27 May
Moscow, Russia

The National Centre for Public Accreditation is the proud host of the 2017 APQN Conference and AGM which will be held on 26–27 May 2017 in Moscow, Russia with the theme "New Horizons: Dissolving boundaries for a Quality Region”

NCPA’s Director’s Message

It is a great honour and pleasure for me on behalf of the hosting organization, the National Centre for Public Accreditation, to invite you to the APQN Annual Conference & AGM which is to be held in Moscow at the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration on 26–27 May 2017.

Every year APQN provides an opportunity for its members and other education professionals to share their research, experience and good practice in quality assurance. The purpose of this significant event is to foster a dialogue on quality assurance that would contribute to dissolving boundaries not only in the Asia Pacific quality region but also worldwide.

We are confident that the APQN conference of 2017 will be an important step in strengthening collaboration in the sphere of quality assurance of higher education and will lead to common understanding of QA through discussions and networking among different stakeholder groups: policy makers, academics and QA practitioners.

Welcome to Moscow!

Getting there


APQN Conference 2017

82, Prospect Vernadskogo
Moscow, Russian Federation 119571
+7 8362 30 49 50